The meaning and symbol of vegetables in dream

The meaning of green cabbage dream, dreaming that green cabbage has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream of green cabbage to help you organize below.

Dreamed of eating green vegetables, and the luck of friends will decline. There will be disputes among a group of friends, and what you need most is your calm judgment.

Dream about washing vegetables, and will be attacked by robbers when they go out.

The woman dreamed of washing vegetables, everything went well, and she was full of joy, but she couldn’t be scattered because of it, and lingered in a happy place, causing bad luck and hard work. Be careful of thieves breaking through the empty door.

Young people dream of washing vegetables, they should continue to pay attention to respiratory diseases, shoulders and hands may also be injured.

Dreaming about growing green vegetables by yourself means that you must work hard to overcome many difficulties on the road to career success.

Pregnant women dream of green vegetables, which means they will have sons.

Pregnant women dream of Chinese cabbage, which means they will have a daughter.