The meaning and symbol of stick in dream

The meaning of stick dreams. Dreaming about sticks has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming sticks organized for you below.  

   Dreaming of sticks often indicates that identity and social status will be improved.

   Dreaming about hitting others with a stick reflects your potential for violence or a tendency to attack others in the near future.

   Dreaming of being hit by someone else’s stick indicates that you will be respected and trusted.

   dreamed that others were fighting with each other, and the surrounding environment might change significantly.

   Dreaming about a big stick means a fierce battle with the enemy, or a fierce competition in study or work; emotional convenience and trouble, be careful.

Dreaming about hitting people with wooden sticks indicates that you are likely to misunderstand your friends’ good intentions in the near future, and when expressing your opinions is not clear and smooth, and it is easy to cause misunderstandings between each other. It is recommended that you clarify your thoughts in advance and also be sensible Listen to suggestions from others.

  Dreaming that someone beats people with wooden sticks indicates that your recent luck is not good, and it is an ominous sign that you are not well aware of your own shortcomings and make yourself into an embarrassing situation.

Dreaming of hitting people with wooden sticks indicates that your work tasks are relatively heavy recently, and you are also prone to attend to the mutation. You are under too much pressure to respond rationally, and you may fall into a stalemate. I suggest you adjust your mentality first. From new work to work, you can relax after this time.

  Dream dreaming of beating cattle with wooden sticks indicates that your recent stress at work is relatively high, which makes your mood very low. It is recommended that you relax properly, adjust your mentality and release stress.

   Dreaming of being beaten with wooden sticks indicates that you will continue to endure some kind of pressure in the near future. It is recommended that you make some changes to yourself, correctly assess yourself, and adjust your mindset before you can resolve the pressure.

  Dreaming that a friend was beaten by a wooden stick indicates that you cannot control the situation recently and feel helpless, probably because life is suffering too much and needs the help of a friend.

   Dreamed that the wooden stick was snatched and beaten, which indicates that your work pressure is relatively high in the near future. Even if other people help, you can help you solve problems or they have no ability to help you.

Dreaming that someone will hit me with a wooden stick indicates that your luck is not good recently, because your words and deeds make some people dissatisfied with you, and the subconscious mind sends you a signal through dreams, which is a sign of a depressed relationship. It is recommended that you be careful Be cautious.