The meaning and symbol of Turquoise in dream

The meaning of turkey jade dream, dreaming that turkey jade has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream turkey jade for you to organize below.  

   turquoise, named after a pine-green color close to pine green. Turquoise, meaning Turkish stone. Turkey does not produce turquoise. It is said that the turquoise produced in ancient Persia was named after being shipped into Europe via Turkey.

   In Eurasia, people generally wear turquoise to resist the evil eye, perhaps because its elegant blue reminds people of heaven. In the Americas, it is also associated with heaven and the sun. In a dream, it represents our higher ambition.

   Dream that you have turquoise, which means that some of your wishes will make your loved ones think you are amazing.

   Dreaming of turquoise symbolizes that you will soon realize and satisfy a certain desire to make loved ones happy.

   For a woman, dreaming of a turquoise stolen, heralds that she will be hit by love. If she used dishonest means to obtain this gem in her dream, then she will definitely experience and feel what kind of taste will be brought about by sloppy treatment of feelings.

   Dreaming about gems is a symbol of auspicious wishfulness and gain.

   If you dream of a colorless gemstone, it implies that a boy will be born, otherwise, a girl will be born.

   If you dream of glittering gemstones, you will make a fortune.

   Dreaming about buying gems means that one’s own calculations may be robbed.