Dreaming of the meaning and symbol of the thunderbolt hit the trees

Dreaming of the meaning of lightning hitting trees, dreaming of lightning hitting trees has a realistic impact and response, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dreamer of the dreamer of the thunderbolt.

Dreaming of a thunderbolt hit the trees. In reality, it is unfortunately unfortunately hit by lightning, but if you have such a dream, it indicates that the tree of your love will make a new bud. Moreover, if the trees hit by lightning are broken and burned again, it means that this love will be lightning.

Dreaming of a loved ones was split by lightning, which just represents your worry; maybe some of your relatives recently made you feel worried. At this time, they need your care and help;

Dreaming of being split to death by thunder, the “” in the dream also foreshadowed the rebirth, suggesting that the dreamer wants to change his current status and situation, and has determined in the subconscious; as long as the direction is correct, you must do it in time to do it in time Go out of decision and action, start your own new career and life;

Dreaming of a thunderbolt tree is that your subconscious has already realized it and prompts yourself in your dreams; it may be that some of your practices are wrong recently, or people who are not good for you.

The married woman dreamed of the thunderous thunder, indicating that she would love her husband more.

The unmarried woman dreamed that the rain was pouring and the thunder was roaring, indicating that she would marry a well -known person.

The businessman dreamed of a masterpiece, indicating that he would make a fortune.

The patient dreamed that the rain was pouring and the thunder was roaring, indicating that the body would soon recover.

The prisoner dreamed that the rainstorm was like a thunderstorm, indicating that he would be released in prison soon.