The meaning and symbol of the power outage in the dream

Dreaming of thunderous power outages, dreaming of thunder and power outage has a realistic impact and response, as well as the subjective imagination of the dream.

Dreaming of the power outage because of thunder, if this is the case, you may feel unlucky, but fortunately it is a dream, and it is still a good sign, it shows that your fortune is about to improve. Even if you have a lot of troubles and concerns now, you don’t even know where to deal with it, these problems will soon be unexpectedly resolved.

Dreaming of power outage indicates that luck is good, all troubles will be resolved soon.

Dreaming of power out of power, the fortune improved. Even if there are many troubles and concerns, it will be resolved soon.

Dreaming of power outage at night implies that you will encounter bad things.

Dreaming of thunder may be your recent actions or ideological activities. You feel that you feel against your father’s point of view or the willingness of authority, or to challenge the traditional concept. Therefore, you are panicked and full of fear. You will suffer from a period of spiritual torture for this period, although you are not necessarily wrong.

The fear of thunder in dreams is actually your subconsciousness of the fear of reality or the authoritative concept that is not easy to change.

Dreaming of thunder means that when facing it, at this moment you feel a little fragile and even discouraged. Maybe if you persist, you will get unexpected success.

Dreaming of thunder hints that you may be hit suddenly and are ready to be affected.

Dreaming of the thunder is very sharp and loud, indicating that the difficult troubles that worry you can soon be solved successfully.

Dreaming of thunder and heavy rain, or thunderous continuously, indicating that you have friends who have falsified and dishonesty with you. You may already feel that there are friends around you who fake you, but your sense is unwilling to admit it. Making this dream is your subconscious reminding you that your doubts in your heart are not unsatisfactory.

Dreaming of thunder, reminding you to be careful of heart disease, if you feel discomfort in your chest, go to the hospital in time.

Dreaming of thunderbolt hitting trees, indicating emotional opportunities. A rapid love is coming, making you regain or full of hope. If in a dream, the thunderbolt hit the trees and causes broken and burning, then the upcoming love will be lightning, passionate, and desire.