The meaning and symbol of torrent in dreams

The meaning of dream torrent. Dream torrent has realistic influence and reaction, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dream torrent that will help you sort out below.

In the dream, you think that you are being washed away by the torrent, which indicates that your loss will be very shocking because you are neglecting your duty and indulging in a life full of temptations.

A dream of a surging torrent indicates that there are contradictions in life that are difficult to reconcile, or that you feel overwhelmed by some force.

The dream of going downstream along the water flow means that everything will go well. For lovers, you can launch a love letter offensive, and the hope of success is great.

A dream of swimming against the current indicates that the friendship will deteriorate. Students who can’t get along at ordinary times may have insidious plans for you. Be careful not to fall into the trap of others.

What does it mean to dream of continuous water flow? It bodes well for marriage.

What does it mean to dream that the water is very clear and big? It indicates that things are easy to do.

What does it mean to dream of rising river water and sea water? It indicates good luck and prosperous business.

Dream of water flow: it indicates that a happy event is approaching.

I dreamed that the water flow was very clear and very big: it was a sign of good luck, indicating that I would be able to do things easily.

Dream of continuous water flow: it indicates that we are going to get married.

I dreamt of seeing the rippling water from the bridge: it was ominous in terms of sex. Your reason will not resist the desire. Be careful not to take bold actions.

Dream of water flowing around the body: indicates a prison lawsuit.

What does it mean to dream that the current is very fast? It indicates that the recent luck has declined. No matter what is going on or what is planned to be done, there will be obstacles. Perseverance and diligence, actively face difficulties and seek solutions will yield success.

Men and women in love dream that the current is very fast: it indicates that the relationship between you has not progressed for long, but it makes you have some distress, such as real life and the suggestions of both parents. We need you to work hard together, strengthen your feelings and work together to overcome difficulties.

Job seekers dream that the current is very fast: it indicates that the recent job hunting luck is average, there are few job opportunities, and there are also areas of work that you have never been exposed to, and you will pay more diligence