Dreaming about the meaning and symbol of smell

Dreaming about the meaning of smelling smells, dreaming about smelling smells has realistic effects and reactions, and there are also subjective imaginations of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanations of smelling smells in dreams to help you sort out below.

The dreamer smells a smell in the dream, which usually means that he is trying to classify objects or experiences to find out the reason and discover where the smell comes from. Emotional events are very strongly reflected in dreams, but the sense of smell generally only manifests itself when it shows special meaning.

Various scents play an important role in childhood, and many of them are closely related to certain special events or situations, such as fragrant bread, fragrant flowers, and scents in school cafeterias. A kind of uncle’s smell can symbolize the era of happiness. An unpleasant smell reminds people of particularly bad times and times.

When the mental sensation is developing, the skills and smell of the past era will make people feel scary in the obvious position. If this skill is seen as a method by which a certain event, a certain place, or a certain person can be correctly summarized, then it will not be deduced into a specific difficulty or problem.

A woman dreams of having a fragrant mouth during conversation indicates that in reality, her career will be a complete success and become the focus of the circle.

A man dreams that he has bad breath, which indicates that there must be no good friends in reality, mainly because he is too cautious. Sometimes making friends is based on feelings, and the body will also suffer from serious illness.

People with bad breath dream that the people around them are far away from themselves, indicating that in real life they are extremely inferior. Due to lack of self-confidence, opportunities will always pass by themselves. It is inevitable to become a mediocre person.

Dreaming that you smell a nasty smell in the toilet indicates that a bad luck is coming. For you in the short term, it is really terrible that misfortune will never come singly.

To dream of smelling the fragrance of flowers in a lush garden indicates that unmarried men and women will meet their favorite partner as a partner, and beautiful love is waiting for you. Married men and women will be happy to have their sons, which is a joy.

Dreaming that you are in a smoky environment indicates that the dreamer is a person who lives in an orderly manner and works well. With a little hard work, your work and life will reach a new level and your living conditions will be greatly improved.