The meaning and symbol of a fire in a school in a dream

The meaning of fire dreams in schools, fire dreams in schools have real effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of fire dreams in schools below to help you sort out.

Fire is a symbol of prosperity. The fire alarm means to remind oneself that he needs to be exhorted. In my dream, a fire broke out in the school, which means that I have a large growth span in learning and development.

Dreaming of a fire in the school indicates that the distance between you and the teacher will become shorter and your relationship will improve. Will learn a lot.

When a married woman dreams of going to school, her husband will spoil herself more.

An unmarried woman dreams of going to school, she will marry a smart and educated man.

A student dreams of going to school indicates that Yi will be disqualified from the exam due to violation of the school or examination room order.

A businessman dreamed that going to school and doing business abroad could make a lot of money.

The prisoner dreamed of going to school and would soon be released from prison.

Dreaming of school means auspicious signs, and good news will come.

To dream of being the head of the school means happiness and wealth.

Dreaming of the entrance ceremony indicates a downward trend in grades.

Dreaming of graduation ceremony indicates good luck in action.

Dreaming of going up and down the school stairs implies that the grades are up and down, which is very unstable.

Dreaming of walking in a long corridor, you have a tendency to be indecisive in your thinking.

Dreaming of swimming in the swimming pool in the school means that love will develop rapidly.

To dream of school buildings collapsing in an earthquake, there is a shadow of health, especially acute illnesses.