The meaning and symbol of Cabo in dreams

The meaning of the Cabo Dream, the Cabo Dream has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the Cabo Dream below to help you organize it.

Dreaming about Caboose implies that you want to see the world around you clearly or the truth of the matter.

Dreaming that the glass cannot be wiped clean, indicating that the troublesome things are very difficult.

Dreaming of cleaning the glass indicates that you may have something upsetting recently and want to solve it.

Dreaming of breaking the glass while cleaning the glass indicates that your life needs to look for changes and opportunities to reposition yourself.

Dreaming that you want to clean the glass and look at someone outside indicates that you feel that in your life or work, some of the points you put forward may be opposed. Or you feel an invisible obstacle in communicating with others.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Glass heralds an obscure, even tangible obstacle in dreams. This is a fortress that you build to protect your relationship with others. Of course, the situation may be just the opposite, that is, someone builds a thick glass wall to prevent you.

Psychoanalysis: If you smashed glass in a dream, it means you passed a defensive wall (dreaming about fragments). You shattered all the feelings that suppressed yourself and allowed yourself to enter an unmistakable state, where no new fortress was allowed to be built. Frosted glass and dark glass mean personal spheres and desires and pursuits, or that your vision is getting worse and worse in a certain range.

Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual point of view, seeing glass in a dream represents a fortress built between this world and the next.