What is the meaning and symbol of having sex with a lover in a dream?

The meaning of having a dream of love with a lover, and having a dream of love with a lover has a realistic impact and reaction, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of having a dream of love with a lover to help you sort out below.

Making love in your dream means that your emotions or sexual desires are suppressed, and it also symbolizes that you have new vitality and high creative ideas. In addition, if the feeling of love in the dream is very comfortable, it means that you are physically and mentally healthy. If you feel uncomfortable, your body may turn on a red light. Don’t be too tired and rest.

Dreaming of having sex with the person you like, this means that there may be someone who is connected with you recently, and there is a chance that a peach blossom will come. But if you are someone you have a relationship with, it also means that there is a problem in your relationship. Now you are not affectionate, so there will be friction between the two.

A friend who already has a partner dreams of falling in love with his old lover, indicating that he is not very satisfied with his current lover and wants to go back to the past.

A case study of having sex with a lover in a dream

Dream description: I still have a successful career. I have a car and a house. I am a small leader. Recently, I don’t sleep well. I always dream of having sex with my lover. It’s like this every day. I’m going to break down. I want to ask Is this dream good, what should I do?

Dream analysis: This is a spring dream, a physiological phenomenon. If you have not had sex for a long time, this phenomenon will occur if you have too much androgen secretion. Some will have nocturnal emission. It may also be that you miss your lover too much. Engage in some physical exercises late to divert your attention. When you exercise a lot, your brain will be blank at night when you sleep, because your brain is in a state of tension for a long time. When you exercise too much, your body will feed back to your brain “tired” The signal your brain will not be so nervous and will not have spring dreams.