What is the meaning and symbol of kissing in dreams?

The meaning of kissing dreams. Kissing dreams have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanations of kissing dreams organized for you below.

The husband kisses his wife and children in his dream, indicating that he feels guilty to his wife and children because he has not done more to the family or concealed something.

In the dream, the children kiss each other, indicating that their families will be reunited, happy, and harmonious, and they will also have a satisfactory job.

Kissing your mother in your dream indicates that you will be respected and loved by your friends, and you will have smooth sailing and great success in your career.

Kissing brothers and sisters in the dream means that you will get a lot of happiness and benefits in getting along with others.

Kissing your lover in the dark in the dream indicates a dangerous or dirty deal.

Kissing your lover in the sun in your dream indicates that you are always thinking about all kinds of women-related issues.

Kissing a strange woman in your dream indicates that you will have wild indulgence and unfaithful ethics.

Kissing one’s own enemy in a dream means that the dreamer and the enemy will turn conflicts into jade.

Kissing lovers in a dream means that each other’s problems will be resolved.

An improper kiss in your dream indicates that your leisure and entertainment will be very dangerous, and remind you to stay away or not to over-indulge in low-level fun, otherwise it will have an adverse impact on your beautiful family.

If your rival kisses your lover in the dream, you may lose your lover.

Married people kiss each other in their dreams, which means that they cherish a harmonious family life.

Kissing a person’s neck in a dream indicates a hobby of self-indulgence.

If you kiss your opponent in your dream, you will resolve the conflict with a grieving friend.

Someone in a young woman’s dream saw her kissing her lover, suggesting that she would be maliciously vilified and jealous by a friend.

If you see your lover kissing someone, it means that she will be very disappointed in her wishful and happy marriage.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Kissing someone in your dream indicates that you want to develop a relationship with this person. You are unconsciously imitating or learning from someone’s experience.

Psychoanalysis: A kiss in a dream indicates an agreement you have reached with someone. It can involve sex or friendship. Dreaming of being kissed by others indicates that you want to be recognized or loved by others.

Spiritual symbol: a kiss, such as a kiss on the forehead, usually has a religious color, and it can be a blessing in a dream.

Case analysis of kisses in dreams

Dream description: As I studied abroad, I can only meet my girlfriend in a dream. How many times have we been together in dreams, and waking up is just a dream. In my dream, I returned to China and she came to pick me up at the airport. I kissed her forehead affectionately, letting the thoughts flow quietly. (Male, 28 years old)

Dream analysis: Kissing with a lover in a dream is a good dream, which indicates the success of love. Kissing with your sweetheart in your dream means happiness and satisfaction, indicating that your love is progressing smoothly and you are about to enter the palace of marriage; in your dream, you want to escape the kiss of someone you like, which means not too serious illness or one time. Annoying experience. If you have avoided this person, it implies that everything is safe and good.

If you embrace in a dream, it is a dream of the opposite meaning.