The meaning and symbol of mother’s death in dreams

The meaning of the dream of the death of the mother, the dream of the death of the mother has the real impact and reaction, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of the death of the mother below to help you sort out.

The mother is the greatest character in the world and her own dearest relative. The image of the mother represents the emotional color of life, care, attachment, and return.

Many people are very worried when they dream of their mother’s death, for fear of losing this close relative. Fortunately, many of the dreams are reversed, and there is a detailed explanation in the dream about the death of his mother.

Dreaming of your mother’s death may indicate that your mother will live a hundred years, or that you care about your mother.

Hearing your mother calling you in your dreams means that you are acting foolishly and irresponsibly, and that your career path is not the right way.

The elderly dream of their deceased mother is a manifestation of physical decline, indicating that the naive psychological defense mechanism of the dreamer is degrading in daily life. We often say that the old child is a manifestation of the degeneration of the naive mental defense mechanism of the elderly.