The meaning and symbol of being blind in the dream

The meaning of being blinded by oneself, dreaming of being blinded by oneself has a realistic impact and reaction, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of being blinded by oneself below to help you sort out.

Dreaming that you are blind means that you don’t know or know part of yourself. You should ask yourself what you are not looking at? Is it external? Ask yourself if you are confused about certain aspects of yourself? Although these elements are caused by your current situation, they are actually Rooted in your heart. Try to face it and go back to early life.

Being blind may mean that you don’t know what to do next, or feel helpless. If this is the case, you should challenge yourself and not make excuses to avoid your responsibility for life. Take control of your own destiny so that you are not “blind” and you can clearly see what is going on in your heart.

To dream of blindness in both eyes is a bad omen of bad fortune. It means that you may become a pauper in the near future. Be careful of your purse. But I also warn you that your current attitude towards things is a little off, you can’t see the facts, and you may make some decisions that you regret.

To dream that your eyes are broken, this is to remind you not to look at the surrounding things with your eyes alone. You should try to feel who is good to you and who is not to you. Don’t stay on the surface so that you can no longer feel What’s not going well in the interpersonal relationship.

Dreaming of eye injuries indicates that your relationship may not go well recently, perhaps due to external forces. The two are in a stalemate. If they do not communicate well and remain deadlocked, they may embark on the road to break up.

In the language of dreams, blindness does not mean that you can’t see anything. It means that the eyes of your soul have lost the ability to discern. The people you like and are close to are not worthy of your trust.

To dream of dust in your eyes means that your relationship will be opposed by your parents and your elders, and there will be rivals in your relationship soon, and your relationship will suffer many twists and turns. In terms of wealth, you should also pay attention to accidental losses. You may encounter pickpockets or accidentally drop your money. Please be especially careful.

Dreaming of blindfolded eyes means that troublesome things will get you into trouble, and your surrounding friends and good friends will not understand you, and you don’t know how to solve it for a while. The only way is to wait for the opportunity to explain clearly.

Dreaming that you are blind means that you do not understand or know part of yourself. Although these ingredients are caused by your current situation, they are actually rooted in your heart.