The meaning and symbol of the flood at home in the dream

The meaning of flood dreams at home. Flood dreams at home have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of flood dreams at home that will help you organize.

Dreaming of flooding indicates “fortune”. This is a dream of getting rich. Sometimes luck comes and you can’t stop it if you want to. But fortune is often inseparable from your own hard work, and wealth must continue to accumulate. . From a rational point of view, in recent years, various provinces and cities have experienced heavy rains and floods. Television, newspapers, and people’s conversations have been reporting these major events all the time, and they have had such a dream until the evening.

Psychological analysis is a strong response to the recent changes in my emotions and inner emotional world that are too sensitive, or there are hard-to-solve problems in my life that make me unable to adapt instantly.

Dreaming of flooding at home symbolizes what troubles you have encountered at home or in your heart. If the color of the turbid water becomes darker, it means that the problem is harder to solve.

Dreaming that your home was washed down by a flood indicates that there may be disputes between the dreamer’s family members. The cause may be between the parents of the dreamer. At this time, it is best to try to communicate the feelings of your parents.

A married woman dreamed of a flood at home, she would endure the torture of uterine disease.

The elderly male dreamed of flooding at home and would die peacefully.