The meaning and symbol of injury in dreams

The meaning of hurting dreams, hurting dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of hurting dreams for you below.

To dream of hurting someone means that you might do stupid things in order to retaliate.

If you dream of someone being hurt, it reminds you not to believe in other people’s rhetoric and hypocrisy, lest you get hurt.

To dream of others hurting yourself means that the dreamer will not be hurt, but his social relations will be greatly affected.

A man dreams of others hurting himself means that the people around the dreamer rarely have a close relationship with him.

A woman dreams of others hurting herself indicates that the dreamer’s status will be restricted.

The meaning of the hurt dream depends on the situation in the dream. If you dream of yourself being hurt, it is a dream with the opposite meaning. This dream means that your financial situation will be improved. If you dream of someone being hurt, it reminds you to be cautious when dealing with things, so as not to be hurt by false people and cause unnecessary suffering.