The meaning and symbol of dishonorable things in dreams

The meaning of the dream of dishonorable things, the dream of dishonorable things has realistic influence and reaction, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of dishonorable things to help you organize below.

In the dream, feeling that the dishonorable behavior of your child or a friend makes you worry, indicates that your expectations will fall to nothing, and put you in a dilemma.

If you dream that your behavior is not very upright, it means that your moral values ​​are weak and your behavior damages your image. It may also mean that the shadows of competitors are always pampering and threatening you.

In the dream, worrying about the dishonorable behavior of your own children or friends implies that your hopes are difficult to realize and are full of troubles.

Dreaming that you have done something immoral indicates that you will despise morality and may ruin yourself because of this. This dream also implies that the shadow of hostility is over you.

Dreaming of being humiliated makes you feel very embarrassed in your heart. It means that you must have been injured for something, and you still bear it.

Dreaming of being insulted indicates that you will fight with someone soon.

Dreaming of insulting others indicates that you will be shocked and be regarded with admiration.

To dream of insulting an official with a higher status than oneself requires a promotion and salary increase.

To dream of insulting the enemy indicates that the enemy will surrender.