What is the meaning and symbolism of parents having an affair in the dream?

Parents have the meaning of affair dreams. Parents have affair dreams, which have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of parents having affair dreams below to help you sort out.

Parents are the ones who bear and nurture themselves. Give yourself life and raise yourself to grow up. It is also the guide of one’s own behavior. In the dream, the parents have an affair. It does not mean that there is something wrong with the parents. It is more of the inner influence of oneself. It may be because of the lack of parental or maternal love, or because of the tense relationship between oneself and the lover. Become a parent in a dream.

The incumbent dreams that his parents have an affair, indicating that he will be appreciated by his boss and get a promotion in his position.

The dream of unmarried parents having an affair indicates that their recent love fortune is not very good, and they may be in conflict with each other because of the wrong intention at one time, so they should be calm.

The businessman dreamed of having an affair with his parents, indicating that he had had a good fortune recently, but a villain will make trouble and may lose money.

In the dream, his father had an affair, he would reconcile with his enemy, give up hatred, and cultivate his sentiment.

Widows and loneliness dreams of a father who has an affair and wants to travel far, with good luck and rewards.

The clerk dreamed that his father had an affair, and the Lord has good fortune recently.

The single aristocrat dreamed of having an affair with his father. Recently, love has blossomed.

Dreaming of my father having an affair is a sign of a change in circumstances. Quantitative changes will eventually cause qualitative changes.

If the child dreams that his father has an affair, everything is going well in the near future, fame and fortune, but it is easy to fail if he is too proud of himself.

The unmarried dad has an affair in the dream, and the recent love aspect cannot expect too much, pay attention to the true details of the other party.

The old man dreams of an affair with his father, and everything has gradually turned smoothly in the near future, but you must not act too hastily.

A single person dreams of an affair with his father. Don’t misestimate the other person’s recent love fortune, and be sensible and calm to know the details of the other person.

In the dream, the mother had an affair, indicating that disaster would be imminent.

The single aristocracy dreamed that the mother had an affair, indicating your recent success in love but failure in the end.

The dream of a newcomer in the workplace has an affair with his mother, which indicates that your communication with others at work has become more frequent recently. It can help a lot to gain the best of others, but it is somewhat evasive to the trivialities in the execution process.

The student’s dream of having an affair with his mother indicates that you will encounter some difficulties in your studies or advanced studies in the near future, which is a bad omen.

The divorced widow dreamed that his mother had an affair, which indicates that you will travel out in the near future, but you will encounter disasters on the way. It is recommended that you cancel.