The meaning and symbol of being shot in a dream

The meaning of being shot in the dream, being shot in the dream has the impact and reaction of reality, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of being shot in the dream below to help you sort out.

To dream that you were shot by someone else and experienced a death, indicates that you will be disgusted by your friends because of something improperly done, and it will cause a nasty scolding.

To dream that you were shot but feel not dead, it means that although you have conflicts with others, you will work hard to gain their full sympathy and understanding, so as to ease the conflicts.

Dreaming that a missionary shoots at you indicates that one side is a certain friend of yours, and the other side is a guest you have treated warmly alone. The two sides accuse each other and make you feel embarrassed before mediating.

Dreaming of being shot by an arrow indicates a good development of love and marriage, but it may also be a hindrance in work and you will be disturbed by a villain.

Dreaming of being shot by an arrow but being off-track indicates that you will encounter setbacks in your life, lose your direction, and you need to refresh yourself and find a better way.

Dreaming that you shoot arrows indicates that you can find the focus and the origin of things in your work, and can solve problems and promote your boss.

The businessman dreamed that he was shot by an arrow and was obstructed by other people in his business, causing his own business to suffer heavy losses.