The meaning and symbol of being rained in a dream

The meaning of being rained in dreams, being rained in dreams has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of being rained in dreams to help you sort out below.

Dreaming of being drenched in the rain means that you are often exhausted or even embarrassed by the things of life and work.

Dreaming of being cold in the rain represents loneliness and hopes that someone can share it with you.

Dreaming of being drenched in the rain reminds the dreamer of something that is currently going through. When the result is still unclear, you cannot make a decision rashly. If it is not handled properly, it may trigger a chain reaction. You should be cautious. And come up with countermeasures early.

To dream of yourself being caught in the rain and running non-stop, it represents the release of the dreamer’s inner energy or emotions. Running continuously in the dream reflects the release of the dreamer’s energy in reality. This may be due to the dream. The person is too idle in reality, but his own vitality is constantly surging in his heart. If you run fast in the rain, it means that the dreamer’s situation will make substantial progress;

Dreaming of being wet by a shower implies that the dreamer will have unexpected gains. Usually, after the shower in the daytime, the sky will be clear and clean, the air will be fresh, and even rainbows will appear;

Dreaming of shoes being wet in the rain. The most common dream of shoes is to symbolize friends of the opposite sex or to symbolize marriage. The shoes in the dream are wet in the rain, suggesting that the dreamer may have some unpleasantness in the recent relationship with friends of the opposite sex. Married people have this dream, indicating that there may be a small conflict or misunderstanding between the dreamer and the lover that needs to be resolved;

Dreaming of crossing the river under the rain indicates that the dreamer longs for the stable development of love, but sometimes love develops too fast, and you will feel flattered, too late to cope, but this feeling will not last too long. Will adapt.

Dreaming of being soaked in the rain implies that the dreamer will have something difficult to choose in the near future, but I still don’t know how to choose a better situation. It adds a little pressure to myself invisibly. In fact, this may still be happy. upset;