The meaning and symbol of relocation of household registration in dreams

The meaning of the dream of relocation of household registration, the dream of relocation of household registration has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of relocation of household registration below to help you organize it.

The household registration or ID card in the dream should be directly translated into “status” and “location” in the dream, because when we think of ID card and household registration book, the first thing to replace these nouns should be Their explanation, or something directly similar to it. The town you dream of, and to live in a “life circle”, you must have an identity or allow you to gain a foothold. And your ID card is about to be lost, it may indicate that there are people who are not good for you, and you may be brought down. It is possible that your subconscious has already noticed it, but it is ambiguous, so it is expressed through dreams.

In addition, because it is not the destruction of “status”, but the move to another town, it shows that this place can be abandoned and there is a new road. Or, the bad aspects may be sent to other places by the boss.

The general explanation is so much. If you extend the explanation, you have overlooked one thing, that is, the connection between the two towns. Moving to shows that there is a road in the middle. What the road symbolizes should be a female sexual organ. And because people have a moral bottom line, they have a dream about sex. , Is usually obscured by the subconscious, or even changed. It is probably in this respect. If it is, my first possibility mentioned above will be excluded or mixed into the second possibility. Then, the transfer of ID card, from A to B, if you are a female, it should symbolize going forward and joining, it is likely to be “with your husband”, or for example, forced to move. That’s not good. It may be due to physical reasons, resulting in loss of status (I mixed into the first possibility), or “forced marriage.” (Note that in the second explanation, the town is explained separately, it is the circle where you live with your loved ones).