The meaning and symbol of falling in dreams

The meaning of falling dreams. Falling dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the falling dreams below to help you sort out.

No matter where you fall in your dream, it will hint that you will have a habit of carelessness. This dream reminds you to be as careful as possible when handling affairs in the future.

If someone falls in the dream, it means that you will unexpectedly benefit from someone else’s carelessness.

Falling in a woman’s dream implies that you will do vulgar things in your life, and your reputation will be greatly lost as a result.

I fell down in my dream. It reminds you that when dealing with things, you must be fully prepared and be cautious in order to succeed.

Dreaming of someone falling down in your dream indicates that you will get a lot of benefits because of other people’s carelessness. This is a good thing for you.

Dreaming of falling, implying that you will be punished by your elders for something, and you will pay a great price for it.

Wrestling in a dream indicates that life is very difficult.

A worker who wrestles in his dream will marry an ignorant and uncultivated woman.

The patient’s condition will worsen if he falls in his dream.

Prisoners fall down in their dreams and will do coolies in prison.