The meaning and symbol of wearing cheongsam in dreams

The meaning of the dream of wearing a cheongsam. The dream of wearing a cheongsam has a realistic impact and reaction, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of wearing a cheongsam below for you.

Cheongsam, the traditional clothing of Chinese women, is known as the quintessence of China and the national dress of women. Although there are still many controversies about its definition and generation time, it is still one of the most splendid phenomena and forms in China’s long dress culture.

Women wear cheongsam in their dreams to express their financial support.

Women wear red cheongsam in their dreams, which means that your economy is in crisis and you have to rely on others to live.

Case analysis of wearing cheongsam in dreams

Dream description: In my dream, I was sitting on the grass with a girl who looked like a middle school student and we had a good time chatting. Then I felt like lying on the grass. I was wearing a blue satin cheongsam. In my dream, I was very impressed with this blue cheongsam. The late grandma asked my mother to make this dress for me. At that time, I was still thinking how the color was so similar to the color of grandma’s shroud. I told the girl that I don’t think red and blue look good. The girl in the dream also wears a cheongsam.

Dream analysis: Women wear cheongsam in dreams, which means you want to find financial support. In your dream, your grandma asked your mother to make your cheongsam for you, which actually represents subconsciously you are dependent on your mother, and, You want your grandma to approve, so that you can justly enjoy the fruits of your mother’s labor.