The meaning and symbol of hypnosis in dreams

The meaning of hypnotic dreams, hypnotic dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of hypnotic dreams to help you organize below.

Hypnosis is a kind of suggestion that people give to others or animals, and let this suggestion replace or activate a certain consciousness of others. In dreams, hypnosis often represents the desire to control.

Dreaming that you are hypnotized indicates that you have a mentality to escape from reality, or reminds you not to hold on to past mistakes and cause a lot of new right and wrong.

To dream of hypnotizing strangers of the opposite sex and committing aggression indicates that you will have a relationship with the opposite sex.

Dreaming of being hypnotized indicates that you will suffer various setbacks and your career will be very difficult.

To dream of hypnotizing your friends to get information indicates that you will be betrayed by your friends.

Dreaming that hypnosis is a way of communication from your subconscious mind to you is called suggestion in hypnotism. Because the subconscious can’t tell you through words, it will show you through nonverbal means. For example, dreams, habits, and glorious jumps. . . Combine your life and think about what it is telling you. In any case, you should believe that your subconscious is much smarter than your conscious, and you should believe your subconscious. I can only guess about the state of your first dream. “The wind is blowing, very, very, very, very windy.” It refers to the over-heavy load caused by the pressure of everyone’s work. “Everyone is grabbing big trees, telephone poles, etc The” is to remind you that you should find a handrail or shelter that will allow you to stand firm. Otherwise it will only make you catch a cold. Because you didn’t find it (them). . Subconscious training reminds you to change by catching a cold.