The meaning and symbol of not wearing pants in dreams

The meaning of dreams without pants. Dreams without pants have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreams without pants below to help you sort out.

Pants are clothing worn on the lower part of the body. Not wearing pants will cause moral privacy and parts to be exposed, which is a shameless and indecent behavior. In the dream, not wearing pants represents humiliation, and also represents inner sexual desire.

In the dream, I didn’t wear pants, indicating that I would encounter very embarrassing things, which would make myself humiliated and laughed at.

The stranger in the dream does not wear pants, which indicates that he will have a good interpersonal relationship, but at the same time it will bring himself a lot of small troubles.

In the dream, same-sex relatives and friends did not wear pants, indicating that their relationship with them will be better deepened.

In the dream, a friend of the opposite sex did not wear pants, indicating that he would fall into a peachy incident.

In the dream, neither myself nor a friend of the opposite sex wear pants. Being together indicates that my love will be very happy.

In the dream, I wore a pair of underwear, indicating that I would commit peach blossoms, and be careful of being photographed and peeped with the other half.

In the dream, I did not wear pants and then took off the pants of the opposite sex, indicating that I would be deeply trapped in a peachy trap, and I would suffer this injury throughout my life.