The meaning and symbol of selling wine in dreams

The meaning of the dream of selling wine, the dream of selling wine has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of selling wine below to help you sort out.

With a lot of bottled wine in the dream, life will be prosperous.

Selling alcohol in a dream will cause conflicts with acquaintances.

The wine in the dream usually indicates a fortune.

The thirst for alcohol in the dream indicates that something worth celebrating will come, academic performance will be improved, and work will be smooth. However, if the wine you drink is bitter or sour in the dream, it tastes very bad, which may imply setbacks, disasters, and sadness.

A wine cellar or a lot of bottled wine in the dream implies that life is rich and happy.

Dreaming of drinking with your friends indicates that you are happy in your life. Having many friends may also indicate that someone in your family, relatives and friends will get married in the near future.

In the dream, I am drinking hard, whether I am alone or with my friends, it usually means that my life may cause disputes and disputes.

If you drink alcohol in a dream and get drunk, you will have a deep inner desire to escape reality.

In addition, if you are drunk and feel very uncomfortable in your dream, or feel a little unconscious after drinking, such dreams indicate that there is a problem with your body and you may get sick. You must be vigilant and take good care of your body.

If someone else is drunk in the dream, beware that the loaned money is difficult to recover and is squandered by others.

If you drink alone in your dream, there may be conflicts at home, and things that make you have to drink to sorrow.

Drinking slowly in your dream indicates that your mind is extremely fresh, your work will be fruitful, or your academic performance will improve, and your exams will go smoothly.

If you are drinking with a leader or someone in a high position in your dream, it indicates that you will have good luck, will be promoted and appreciated, your official career will be prosperous, and you will be famous.

An unmarried man drinks with excitement in his dream, indicating that he will get married soon.

The patient’s dream of drinking by himself indicates that his condition will get worse.

In the dream, I go to a banquet and drink by myself, which means that I am healthy, have a fulfilling life and a prosperous career.

In the dream, everyone gathers for a drink and celebrates reunion. Such a dream indicates that there may be life and death.

If you drink alcohol but have no food in the dream, it indicates that you will encounter setbacks and do things not go well. But those who sell or make wine have such a dream, which indicates that they will make a lot of money.

If a sick person or an old man drank all by himself in his dream, it also hinted that he might be in danger.

If you meet Jiuquan in your dream, it means your life is happy, your career is going well, and everything goes well.

A man pours wine to his wife or girlfriend in his dream, which expresses the love and happiness of the couple.

The wife poured wine for her husband in a dream, suggesting that she would be pregnant and have a baby.

The student’s dream of drinking by himself indicates that the exam will go well.

The scene of drinking and singing in the dream indicates a smooth exam and academic success.

In the dream, I give wine to others to express happiness in life, wealth and happiness, and no worries.

If you sell alcohol in your dream, you may have disputes with friends and relatives.

In addition, if you are drinking with others in your dream, but someone only drinks, but doesn’t move the chopsticks to eat, it may also imply that someone will die in disaster.