What is the meaning and symbol of laughter in the dream?

The meaning of “Laughing Dream”, “Laughing Dream” has realistic influence and reaction, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of “Laughing Dream” below for you.

Laughing is a kind of emotional fluctuation and release. While laughing, people lose peace and caution. The dreamer with a smile in the dream may encounter sorrow and misfortune. The “anti-dream” mentioned in this is well reflected here.

Laughing with the family in the dream means that family life is no longer peaceful, there will be disputes, and there will be pain.

Laughing with the enemy in the dream means that if you can’t distinguish your friend from the enemy correctly, your friend will be sad to leave and you will be separated from your friend.

Laughing with strangers in dreams means that you cannot handle interpersonal relationships correctly and suffer misfortunes due to this. You need to treat others with a calm attitude. In dreams, laughing with strangers up to the sky may bring unfortunate news.

Lovers’ dreams they are laughing and joking together, the love will be deeper.

The patient cries and laughs except for diseases. It means that if the patient cries and laughs in the dream or the patient cries and laughs in the dream, the disease will be cured.

The following is a psychological explanation of the laughter in the dream:

The laughter in the dream (especially the laughter towards yourself) indicates that the dreamer has achieved great success in a certain aspect. Laughing alone in a dream reflects the feeling of relief in the dreamer’s heart, and the things that cause one to laugh have very important meanings. If the dreamer hears a group of people laughing, it means that there are things that make many people happy. In the dream, others laugh at yourself, which means that the dreamer is afraid of this situation or that the dreamer is ashamed of doing something wrong. The appearance of similar dreams indicates that the dreamer must have a painful experience in life.