The meaning and symbol of being thin in dreams

The meaning of thin dreams, thin dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of thin dreams to help you organize.

To dream of losing weight and feeling tired means that you are under tremendous pressure from interpersonal relationships in your heart. Maybe the people around you are demanding or possessive, which makes you feel stressed, weakened, and exhausted.

If you dream that you are suddenly skinny and stiff, it usually means that you may be separated from your parents or even goodbye forever.

To dream that your body is gradually losing weight indicates that your popularity is declining, and you may have disagreements with friends and decrease in friends.

A teenager dreamed of losing weight abruptly, it indicates that you will encounter ups and downs.

A businessman or an official dreamed that he suddenly became thinner, so he should be more vigilant, because his business or official career may encounter turmoil.

Dreaming of your wife getting thinner may also indicate that your wife will become pregnant.

Pregnant women dream of losing weight, they must be vigilant and pay attention to the safety of themselves and the fetus.

The old man dreams of losing weight means he is unhealthy.

To dream that your opponent is getting thinner. Be vigilant and you may be defeated by your opponent.

Dreaming of losing weight successfully indicates that you may fall in love recently.

To dream that your body is getting thinner, the stock market implies that the stocks you hold will fall in price.