The meaning and symbol of Auction hammer in dream

The meaning of the dream of auction hammer, the dream of auction hammer has realistic influence and reaction, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about auction hammer below to help you sort out.

Seeing a gavel used by a judge or auctioneer in your dream indicates that the work you are doing is not profitable or fun. And dreaming that you use a gavel indicates that you love to take care of your friends’ nosy and are often thankless.

The hammer in the dream symbolizes the mighty power of the spirit or body, and also indicates that it will be promoted and gain greater power.

To dream of nailing a nail with a hammer, or hitting other things, symbolizes strong strength and tenacious willpower, and indicates that you can overcome difficulties tenaciously. Smash obstacles and overcome difficulties.

To dream of someone hitting yourself with a hammer indicates that you will encounter a strong competitor at work or in the market. You must be careful not to underestimate the enemy.

To dream that you are doing carpentry work with hammers, saws and other tools to make things, implying that you will encounter setbacks in love. Maybe you feel that you have shortcomings that the other person does not like. Dreaming this dream is to remind you to correct bad habits, or work hard to improve the bad parts of your character. After all, love itself is a process of self-improvement.

Dreaming about auctions symbolizes benefits and wealth.

Dreaming that an auction is being held indicates that the dreamer hopes to obtain greater economic benefits;

To dream of a successful auction indicates that the dreamer will get a greater profit;

Dreaming that the auction was not successful means that the dreamer’s fortune will take some time to come;

Dreaming that the auction scene is deserted, means that the dreamer’s current financial luck is worrying.