The meaning and symbol of Trophy in dream

The meaning of the trophy dream, dreaming that the trophy has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream trophy for you.

Dreaming of winning a prize means losing money.

The man dreamed of winning a prize and was going to suffer.

Women dream of winning, will be a competent housewife.

The student dreams of winning the prize, and the exam will fail.

The businessman dreamed of winning the prize, and he could make a fortune by doing business across the ocean.

The man dreamed of giving out his prize, and the prestige was shocked.

Women dream of giving out prizes will get a lot of money from their parents.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream commentary: Dreaming of a trophy usually means that you have done something worthy of award. What is decisive here is the reason why you won the trophy and the appearance of the trophy. The winning cup represents acceptance, and the medal represents protection.

Psychological analysis: In the past, loot such as animal heads were very popular. They are always closely related to people’s initial fears. They are what you must overcome when you want to achieve something in life.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the trophy in the dream symbolizes the key experience that brings you close to the spiritual goal, such as reaching a widened state of consciousness.

Case analysis of dream trophy

Dream description: I dreamed of breaking a trophy, a souvenir that was not worth much money, made of glass, and fell from the second floor. It looked very broken and asked the great god to explain his dream.

Analysis of dreams: Fragments in dreams may symbolize mild stimulation. It broke the dreamer’s defense system and made him unhappy. Fragments symbolize painful words or terrible imaginations that cause negative feelings.

The fragments in the dream suggest that the dreamer is very supportive of something that violates the opinions of everyone. If he dreams of breaking an object, it means that he finds that he is composed of countless parts of character, and these parts make up a whole.

Only when the dreamer perceives and eliminates his sense of isolation, sometimes it is an inner split, will he feel that he truly belongs to the group of like-minded people.