What Do cousin Symbolize in Dreams and How to Interpret the Meaning

I dreamed of getting along with my cousin, indicating that the family relationship is very good, there is no dispute, and there is no illness. The father is kind and filial, and the family is happy.

Dreaming of cousin, indicating that you will raise your salary or win the prize.

I dreamed that my cousin would marry me. I like your cousin in your subconscious mind, so I will dream of him in my dreams.

Dreaming of the deceased cousin means that I miss my cousin very much.

A single person dreams of a cousin, indicating that you are a brave and active person, and ultimately can succeed.

A businessman dreams of cousin, indicating that he or she will be afraid of failure, or invest in real estate or time deposits.

The candidate is dreaming of his cousin, indicating that the exam is not satisfactory and requires a lot of effort.

Dreaming that my cousin goes abroad is a good omen, indicating that my cousin can take care of himself.

Dreaming of a cousin, said that the dreamer will get rid of the troubles.

Seeing a cousin in a dream is a symbol of disappointment and disaster. This dream shows that the life of a dreamer is very sad.

Dreaming and cousin exchange letters means that the relationship between family members is not harmonious.