The meaning and symbol of shell in dream

The meaning of shell dreams, dreaming of shells has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming shells below to help you organize.   

   Dreaming of shells indicates that you will receive unexpected surprises.

   Dreaming of collecting shells indicates that the extravagant behavior will eventually leave you with nothing, leaving only annoying regrets and memories.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

   Dream interpretation: Shells symbolize the protection provided to you in the dream. Dreaming that you have a hard shell on your back means that you have responded to aggressive behavior from the outside world, while a soft shell means that you are more vulnerable. Shells were used as currency in ancient times, and sometimes they have a similar meaning in dreams.

  Psychoanalysis: Shells symbolize magical power in dreams. It can provide protection to people. In addition, it also represents the gentle and emotional side of nature.

   Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual perspective, the shell in the dream is the epitome of the cycle of life and death.