The meaning and symbol of Billiards in dream

Billiards The meaning of billiards dreams, dreams of billiards. Billiards has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dreams of billiards and billiards that are organized for you below.

   To dream of billiards or billiards indicates that you are about to catch a cold, red fever or other epidemic diseases, and you may also suffer because of other people’s insurance.

   To dream that you are playing billiards or billiards with people means that you will have difficulties and troubles. Be careful not to get involved in lawsuits or get into quarrels in daily life.

   To dream of playing billiards and billiards means that you will have difficulties and troubles, and you must prevent legal proceedings and disputes in daily life.

   If you see a billiard ball standing still on the billiard table in your dream, it implies that a partner may betray you, so be careful.

   To dream of your girlfriend playing billiards with others, because the emotional ups and downs are too intense, the small things of sesame can also make you happy and worried.

A case study of dreaming about billiards and pool balls

Dream description: I dreamed that my friend asked me to play billiards, but the person playing billiards with me was not him, and the cue that broke into two sections always appeared on the table. I took it away and reappeared after a while. I didn’t want to play anymore, I went to tell my friend to leave again, and there were many people watching after playing billiards.

   Dream Analysis: You have to be careful, you may have disputes with this friend, or even go to court.