The meaning and symbol of Torture in dream

The meaning of torture dream, dreaming that torture has realistic impact and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream torture tool to help you organize below.

  Dream of all kinds of torture means that you want to use the torture to deal with his great pain. This involves more than physical pain. Generally speaking, hurt or painful emotions play a key role in dreams.

  If a torture tool is imposed on yourself in your dream, it means that you have become accustomed to your status as a victim in daily life and you are satisfied.

  People in love dream of punishment and lose love.

  If you dream of punishment, you will see the opportunity slip away with your own eyes, and your hopes will gradually fall through, thus falling into the pain of frustration and unable to extricate yourself.

   Adults dream about the health aspects of punishment: continue to pay attention to throat inflammation, cough, and hoarseness of the vocal cords. The tendency to be obese should be more controlled.

  Businessmen dreamed of penalties foreboding in terms of recent financial luck: the luck of money has fallen, and the income situation is still good, but the desire to spend has begun to increase, and there have been bold moves in investment.