The meaning and symbol of Body frame in dream

The meaning of the corpse dream, dreaming that the corpse has a realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream corpse for you to organize below.  

   The corpse is a wedding.

  The stretcher that carried the body made people rest on it, symbolizing that people settled in life, that is marriage.

   Dreaming about a corpse means that you will be invited to a wedding ceremony.

   Dreaming of carrying a corpse means that you will be invited to join the bridal party.

   dreamed of using a corpse to lift a corpse, auspicious, and would be rich in money.

  The businessman dreamed that using the corpse to lift the body would make the business smooth.

   The patient dreamed of using the corpse to lift the body, and the body will soon recover.

Case analysis of dreaming about corpse

Dream description: The dream was not clear last night. The location is the oldest house in my family. It seems to be myself and several classmates. He carried a corpse with a corpse (the dream is also a classmate, but it is not in reality) From the house to the outside, we have several women, only one man. The scene at that time was that we carried it away for a while, and then we couldn’t move it. We found the man and found that the man was not in the room. When we went out, we put the body at the door and waited for him. Later, I didn’t know how to wake up. I don’t know much. I remember so much. What’s going on? In addition, the old house in my house has already been sold.

  Dream analysis: dreaming to use the corpse to lift the body, auspicious, will be rich in money.