The meaning and symbol of Scabbard in dream

The meaning of the scabbard dream, dreaming that the scabbard has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream scabbard for you to organize below. 

   Dreaming of a scabbard indicates that a certain mistake will be resolved amicably.

  If you dream of not knowing where your scabbard is, it indicates that you will encounter difficulties that are difficult to overcome.

   Dreamed about the sword inserted in the scabbard, indicating that he would get help from others if necessary.

   Sharp swords indicate danger. Women dream of sharp swords, and thieves or robbers will patronize their residences.

   Dreaming about the sword means that you will be courageous in public and will never shrink. Dreaming that you picked up the sword, it means that you have defeated your competitors in your work.

   dreamed of stabbing someone with a sword, indicating that he would be attacked by the enemy.

   Dreaming of someone stabbing themselves with a sword means that all sorrow will pass.

   Dreaming that the long sword is broken, it means that there will be something that will make you feel sad recently, and you are unable to solve it, so you will feel very depressed.

   dreamed that someone was wielding a sword in an attempt to cut his head, saying that this was to remind himself and his family to be cautious and cautious.

   The businessman dreamed of receiving the sword given by others, and said that he would squeeze the competitors away.

   Dreamed that God held a sword in his hand, indicating that the enemy would be destroyed.

   Dreaming about the sword hanging on the wall, it means that life will be happy and peaceful.

   dreamed of giving away someone’s sword, and said that he would be prosperous.

   Dreaming about dancing swords means that you are an ambitious person, but you are usually unwilling to disclose to others, hoping that you will be rewarded with courage, and one day you will be overwhelmed, and you will be handed a beautiful performance to make others look at you.

  Dream with a sword, that you will be promoted, and the past competitors have lost their strength, he will turn to become your subordinates, and sell your life for you.