The meaning and symbol of Feather in dream

Feathers The meaning of feather dreams, dreaming of feathers. Feathers have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming feathers and feathers below to help you organize.

   Dreaming of many feathers falling around indicates that your life burden is very light.

   Seeing the feathers of an eagle in a dream indicates that your inner hope will come true.

   Dreaming of the feathers of the chicken means that it will be slightly disturbed. To dream of trading in chicken feathers indicates good luck and prosperity.

   Dreaming of black feathers is a symbol of dissatisfaction and may also indicate that unpleasant events will happen.

   A woman dreams of decorative feathers indicates that she will make progress in society, but the tricks to make progress are not something others can imitate.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

   Dream interpretation: Seeing feathers in a dream symbolizes softness and dexterity, and may indicate easy approach to a certain scene. You may realize that violence is of no avail, and you should adopt a calm approach to achieve further development.

  Psychoanalysis: Feather often means flying to areas that you are not familiar with. It is closely related to the air and wind and can represent your spiritual life. Seeing feathers in your dream may also mean that you should implement your plan to the end before you can achieve peace.

   Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual perspective, feathers symbolize the sky or soul.

A case study of dreaming about feathers and chicken feathers

  Dream description: In my dream, I ate something like chicken feathers, which tasted extremely bad and made a mess in my stomach. Finally, I had to spit out the chicken feathers, and there was a strange smell in my mouth and stomach, which made me wake up, and there seemed to be some strange smell in my mouth after I got up. (Female, 23 years old)

  Dream analysis: This dream means that you may have encountered some problems in relationship or money. The taste of the bitter and strange chicken feathers is a symbol of this situation. Eating is a kind of satisfaction with desire. This dream is a bit strange. What you eat is chicken feathers because you may have something wrong in real life, maybe your desire is too strong. However, sometimes it also means that after you have been satisfied with your desires, you feel worried or ashamed, so you cannot digest it easily.