The meaning and symbol of Gold jewelry in dream

The meaning of the dream of picking gold jewelry. Dreaming about picking gold jewelry has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream picking gold jewelry for you.

   dreamed that picking gold jewelry, auspicious, is a sign of fortune.

  Businessmen dream of picking gold jewelry, business will flourish.

   Dreaming about wearing gold jewelry or nickel jewelry means that her husband will be in despair or die. The girl dreamed that wearing jewelry or nickel jewelry, her husband would be in despair or die.

   Dreaming of gold indicates that she will encounter setbacks. I dreamed that someone might send gold to myself and I might suffer losses. The woman dreamed of losing gold, foreshadowing the addition of new jewelry.

   jewelry is usually related to the meaning of identity, marriage, women and so on. Different jewelry has different meanings.

   Generally speaking, men dream of jewelry, indicating that household consumption expenditure will increase significantly.

  Married men dream of wearing jewelry, pay attention to the health and safety of his wife, suggesting that the partner may die.

   Dreamed that someone gave him jewelry, that the dreamer will be loved and respected by people.

  Dreaming to send jewelry to others may make the dreamer feel inferior and desire to fall in love.

   When a woman dreams of giving jewelry to a man, it means that you are deeply attracted by him and long to fall in love.

   The girl dreamed that she was wearing jewelry, which heralds her marriage to the rich.