The meaning and symbol of bracelet in dream

The meaning of bracelet dreams, dreams of bracelets have realistic influences and reactions, as well as dreamers’ subjective imagination, please see the detailed explanation of dreams bracelets organized for you below.

Bracelets and handcuffs are similar in shape, and they are equal in dreams. It means free access to restrictions, or a sign of illness.

The man dreamed that he was wearing a bracelet, which was a kind of ominous sign, indicating the danger of going to jail.

The woman dreamed that the bracelet worn on her arm was given by a lover or a friend. You would get married early and be a happy combination.

Women dream of wearing ivory bracelets, famine will happen in their hometown.

If a young woman dreams of losing her bracelet, she will suffer from all kinds of losses and many troubles.

If she dreams of finding the bracelet, she will own a lot of property.

The patient dreams of the bracelet, the condition will get worse.

Dreaming of a broken bracelet means freedom.

The prisoner dreamed that the bracelet was broken and would soon be released from prison.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream description: bracelets are handcuffs. Bracelets and handcuffs are similar in shape, and they are equal in dreams.

Psychological analysis: Men dream of wearing bracelets, which is a kind of ominous sign, which indicates that there is a prison, and should pay attention to discipline and law.

Case analysis of dreaming about bracelets

Dream description: Although I do n’t like gold and silver ornaments, I especially like wooden bracelets. I always hope to have a pair of wooden bracelets. In my dream, my friend brought back a bracelet from the South. This bracelet is simple and generous, which makes me like it very much. (Female, 24 years old)

Dream analysis: the bracelet in the dream, gold and silver represent wealth, wood or jade represent emotion. Dreaming of a gold bracelet shows that your economic conditions are good and indicates a strong source of wealth; dreaming of a silver bracelet shows that your career is going well. Dreaming of jade bracelets or wooden bracelets shows that your feelings are sincere and pure.