The meaning and symbol of TV set in dream

The meaning of TV dreams, dreaming that TVs have realistic influences and reactions, and subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming TVs that are organized for you below.  

The TV screen in    dream has a certain degree of predictability.

   Dreaming of watching TV usually indicates a change in life. Perhaps some of the plot on the screen is a reflection of life.

  I dreamed of watching soap operas on TV. I might dream of people’s inner dreams of fictional life and ordinary peace.

   Dreaming of watching TV series, suggesting that a similar experience in the plot may appear in life, or a certain character in the plot, which makes the dreamer resonate deeply.

  If the dream plot does not progress as you expect, it means you are dissatisfied with reality.

  If you dream of seeing earthquakes, typhoons and other scenes on TV, it also indicates that you may have a job transfer, or your lover will be transferred to work in the field.

  If you dream of watching TV and suddenly lose power, or the TV breaks down, you may encounter unexpected blows and obstacles in your career. Be vigilant and cautious.

  Dreaming that you appear on TV, it implies that you want to increase visibility; your words and deeds on TV, or feelings when you leave the country, imply the potential desires in your heart.

  In addition, if the dreamer is engaged in investment work or pays close attention to the stock market, dreaming that the TV may also remind you to pay attention to the stock of electrical appliances.

   Dreamed that he was watching TV with his family, and also expressed that the dreamer pays attention to family feelings and desires a family reunion and a comfortable and leisurely day.