The meaning and symbol of paper in dream

The meaning of paper dreams, dreaming about paper has realistic influences and reactions, and there are also subjective imaginations of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming paper organized for you below.

Dreaming about rice paper, heralding a comfortable life and a healthy and long life.

An unmarried man dreamed of a blank paper, indicating that he would marry a wife with a pure family background and pure background.

The unmarried girl dreamed of white paper, indicating that she would marry a man of high moral character and high moral character.

Dreaming about the white paper on which the words are written indicates that he will receive good news or unexpected gains.

In addition, if an official or a person engaged in secretarial work dreams about night after pile of white papers, or the documents and manuscripts in his hand suddenly become piles of white papers, such a dream is a manifestation of daily work pressure . At the same time, I also remind you to find ways to relieve the pressure caused by work responsibilities and the anxiety caused to your heart.

Dreaming of red paper indicates that good news will be received. People in the officialdom dream about the red paper, and they will receive an invitation from senior leaders to take advantage of development opportunities.

Dreaming about green paper, he or his family want to get married.

Dreaming about black paper implies a big murder. A married woman dreams of black paper, and her husband may become ill, or his condition may worsen, causing his wife to frown. The accused person dreamed of black paper, foreshadowing a big murderer, and would be sentenced severely, and may even be sentenced to death.

Dreaming about the paper with the signature printed on it usually indicates that it will suffer losses, so be careful.

Businessmen dreamed that the printed paper might encounter economic policies that contradicted their own business, and thus suffered losses and even faced the risk of bankruptcy.

The staff dreamed that the paper-printed work would encounter setbacks and may be dismissed by the boss.

Dreamed of crumpled paper balls, or torn pieces of paper, symbolizing the failure of some plans or rejection of some plans.

Dreamed of going to buy paper, indicating that he would start a new business and expand new business.

Dreamed of doing paper trading, indicating that the business may lose money.

Dreaming of absorbent paper indicates that she will get rich. Businessmen dream of absorbent paper, which indicates that they can beat their opponents in the competition.

The unemployed dreamed of the manuscript and got a job.

Dream about stationery and make new friends.

The prisoner dreamed of the stationery, and with the help of his friends, he quickly regained his freedom.

Dreamed that writing letters would get loved ones in danger.

Psychological dream interpretation

Interpretation of dreams: The meaning of some dreams is related to your specific situation, and the paper in the dream belongs to this situation. The college student dreamed that the paper indicated that he must care about his learning. A postman dreaming about paper may indicate that he is tired of his job. Dreaming about gift packaging means you want to have a holiday.

Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of blank writing paper indicates that you lack communication with others or express his desire to communicate with others. In addition, it also symbolizes a new beginning. Wrapping paper represents your actual ability to work.

Spiritual symbol: The paper in your dream symbolizes your development potential on the spiritual level. You can reach a higher stage by studying and creating.

Case study of dreaming about paper

Dream description: A young man dreamed and dreamed that a paper horse was pierced. The paper horse suddenly floated up. He wanted to burn the paper horse he pierced when he was afraid. But the paper horse could not be lighted. Behind the paper horse, there was a paper house to float over. Then he was frightened.

Dream analysis: An unmarried man dreams of white paper and will marry a pure girl as his wife. Dreaming about paper horses may cause some disputes with girlfriends or friends, but it will not affect the feelings between them.