The meaning and symbol of Timepiece in dream

The meaning of clock and watch dreams, dreams and clocks have realistic influences and reactions, as well as dreamers’ subjective imagination, please see the detailed explanation of dreams and clocks organized for you below.

The sound of the bell is pleasing and can travel far, representing good news and a better reputation.

Dreaming of ringing the bell means promotion in office.

If the dream breaks the clock, it means that there will be unexpected difficulties in the promotion.

Man dreams of watch, disaster will come.

The pregnant woman dreamed of the watch, and the delivery would be extremely difficult.

The businessman dreamed of the watch and wanted to travel by train.

Dreamed that wearing a watch would encounter obstacles along the way.

Dreaming about wearing a watch, a woman will have an argument with her husband ’s woman.

Dreaming of an alarm clock, I will struggle for my whole life in order to devote myself to the work I do.

Dreaming that the watch stopped, the enemy would succumb to himself.

Dreaming about clocks and watches, indicating that competitors are setting traps to catch you, it is better to be careful. And if you pay attention to the time of the clock in your dream, it means that your thinking is very careful and will bring you success. If the scale on the watch is unclear, it means that what you do will get twice the result with half the effort.