The meaning and symbol of Bathtub in dream

The meaning of bathtub dreams, dreaming that the bathtub has realistic influences and reactions, but also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming bathtub that is organized for you below.

Dreamed of a bathtub, on the one hand, implied a strong ability to live, and was good at handling housework. On the other hand, it means sexual.

Dreaming about taking a bath in a bathtub or bath room indicates that there may be bad luck and frustration.

The married woman dreamed of taking a bath or shower in the bathtub or bath room, suggesting that she might be pregnant in the near future. Unmarried women have such dreams, suggesting that their marriage may be full of anxiety.

I dreamed of buying a bathtub. I have to pay more attention to my body in the near future and may get sick.

I dreamed that the bathtub was dirty or the water was cold in my dream, suggesting that you might have adultery with others.

Dreaming of a bathtub filled with water, indicating that a happy and happy family life will make you feel particularly satisfied.

The bathtub with dreams is empty, symbolizing that your life is full of unhappiness, and the wealth you have will also decay.

Dreaming of a destroyed bathtub signifies that your family will have disharmony and quarrels.

The businessman dreamed of taking a bath in the bathtub, and he might encounter setbacks in his business, and he must be cautious.

Travelers who go out have such dreams, suggesting that you should pay attention to the safety of your journey and be careful of traffic accidents.

The patient dreamed that he was taking a bath in the bathtub. The body is recovering.