The meaning and symbol of key in dream

The meaning of the key dream, dreaming about the key has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming key to help you organize below.

The key has many meanings in the dream. On the one hand, it may symbolize new ideas and methods and lead to the path of solving problems. On the other hand, it may imply a desire for relief. In addition, in Western psychoanalysis, the key also has obvious sexual meaning. Especially when the lock and the key appear together as a paired image, the key may symbolize the male genitalia.

Dream dreams like opening a door with a key usually express your positive attitude towards life or find a solution to a problem. On the other hand, it is also possible to suggest sexual behavior.

Dreaming that you lost your key, or stood at the door, but couldn’t find the key, that is, you can’t open the door, you can’t go in. Such a dream means that you may be experiencing insurmountable obstacles, or huge inner sadness. , But do not know how to overcome. But dreaming like this also means that you are trying to find a way to open the door and bravely survive, and your heart is gradually recovering.

Dreamed that he found the key, but he could not open the door, which also expressed his inner anxiety. Maybe life is so heavy that you are often full of worries and feel unable to achieve your goals. In addition, this dream may also indicate that you are not very confident in sex, and are worried about your sexual ability.

Dreamed that he took the key to open the safe or cash box, implying a prosperous life and happy life.

The man dreamed that he used the key to open the locked box, which meant to release libido.

An unmarried woman dreams that someone will give her a key, or a key-shaped ornament, which indicates that she will soon meet or marry a sweetheart.

The woman dreamed of holding her husband’s key, suggesting that she would freely control her husband’s money.

Dreaming about a bunch of keys, implying that the dreamer may face new circumstances and opportunities, and will go all out to do so.

Dreaming of losing the key indicates that you will have unexpected troubles, or that you will be disappointed in your life, and you will be disappointed.

Dreamed that the key was stolen, implying that your property will be lost.

Dreamed that the lost key was recovered, which indicates that there will be a good thing. There will be a turning point in the career, or find a way to break through the bottleneck and solve the problem satisfactorily.

Dreamed that the key was broken, implying that the career will be frustrated, the business will fail, and there is even the risk of bankruptcy.

When you dream of buying a new key, you may have a job change or face a new job situation. You have to find ways to solve the problem. The businessman dreamed of buying a new key, indicating that he would start a new business and the business was prosperous.

Dreamed that he was in charge of many keys, indicating that you would become an authority.

Dreamed that he was imprisoned, and suddenly a key appeared, suggesting that a problem that has troubled you for a long time was about to find a solution.

Dreamed of retrieving the key from the thief, suggesting that he should be cautiously involved in a lawsuit recently.

The prisoner dreamed of the key, and heralded her freedom.

Dreamed that the enemy sent his key, suggesting that he would find a way to win and defeat the enemy.

The patient dreamed of the key, implying that he would recover.

The old man dreamed of the key, implying a healthy and long life.