The meaning and symbol of Snacks in dream

The meaning of snacking dreams, dreaming about snacks has realistic effects and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming snacks for you to organize.

I dreamed of snacking and had good luck.

I dreamed of eating sweets.

A married woman dreams of eating sweets and will attend a wedding hosted by her mother.

Unmarried men dreamed of eating candy, and the wedding was very grand and luxurious.

The unmarried woman dreamed of eating candy and would marry a rich man.

I dream of making candy, and my eyes will be uncomfortable.

Woman dreams of making candy and will be in trouble.

The patient dreams of eating candy and will be bedridden for a long time.

Dreaming about eating cookies often indicates that there will be conflicts in the family, or there will be twists and turns in love, which will make you worry.

I dreamed of dirty, broken cookies, such as being seated, stepped on, pressed, or cleaned, all of which could indicate annoying relationships. Maybe someone you do n’t like or a friend who does n’t feel well wants to be alienated, but makes the other person dissatisfied.