The meaning and symbol of express delivery in dream

The meaning of the dream of express delivery, dreaming of express delivery has a realistic impact and response, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream express delivery to help you organize the following.

Express delivery is a way to transfer items at low cost. People deliver the goods to the courier company, and the freight is delivered to the designated place. In dreams, express delivery often represents the act of shirk responsibility to others.

I dreamed that using courier to send things foreshadows problems in her career.

When Xun Meng saw the delivery company picking things up, she said that her career would be very prosperous.

I dreamed that the courier company would return the package, and said that he would get the help of your valuables.

I dreamed of a courier, heralding the rise of reputation, the official transport was prosperous.

I dreamed of talking with the courier, and recently I have a business trip to go abroad or travel abroad.

I dreamed that the courier conveyed a message for himself, indicating that there is room for further career in the near future and he may become a leader.

I dreamed that I had become a courier, not auspicious, and guarded against recent events and those around me.

I dreamed that the postman had sent a letter of his eager hope, suggesting that there would be a major change in the career or personal life of the dreamer, and a happy situation would appear.

I dreamed that the postman delivered the newspaper, which indicated that the dreamer would be more successful in his career.