The Meaning of Heartbeat in Dreams

I dreamed of my own heartbeat, indicating that you will have a peach blossom in the near future.

Dreaming that my heart rate is abnormal, there will be bad things happening.

If you dream of an abnormal heartbeat, it usually indicates that an accident will occur, and there may be twists and turns in your career or business. If a woman does this, it may mean that the family will be harassed, such as a rogue thief.

I dreamed that my heart was beating abnormally, indicating that the days of bad luck were coming, that I would be dismissed or that my business would be damaged because I was bedridden.

Dreaming about the number of heartbeats, suggesting that the dreamer is eager to pursue a stimulating life, and the subconscious mind wants to reach the limit of his physical ability.

Dreaming that the heart has stopped beating also indicates that there may be disaster or suffering.

If you dream of a broken heart, or broken, it may imply that someone close to you makes you feel unsafe.

Dreaming that you or a loved one will die of a heart attack, don’t worry too much. This is a sign of ease of life and reduced rhythm, indicating that people who die in their dreams will live longer.

Dreaming of putting your hand on your heart is an attempt to protect yourself. It reminds you to beware of enemies and may encounter dangerous or fatal injuries.

Dreaming of being crushed, it indicates that you may encounter theft, or be deceived and other losses, or grievances.

Dreaming of pain in your heart, indicating that you may experience great grief at WWW.ZGJM.ORG.

Dreaming that your heart is crushed or painful, reminding you to be careful about your health. This may indicate that your heart is not good. If you have abnormalities, you should go to the hospital in time.

Dreaming that the heart is stabbed in the knife, or in the heart of the gun, usually indicates that there will be problems in health, there may be heart disease, should go to the hospital in time.