The Meaning of Blindfolded in Dreams

Women dreamed that their eyes were blinded, that troubles caused her to get into trouble, and others were dissatisfied with what she had encountered.

In the dream, the eyes are covered, symbolizing the conscious attempt to deceive the dreamer. If the dreamer blinds the eyes of others, it means that he is dishonest when dealing with other people, and the reason may still exist between undetected. Dreamers may need time to reflect on themselves from the outside world.

Dreaming that you are embarrassed means that you don’t know or know yourself. You should ask yourself what you are not looking at? Is it external? Ask yourself if you are confused about some aspects of your own interior. These ingredients are caused by your current situation, but they are all they It is rooted in your heart. Try to face it and trace it back to early life.

I dream that my eyes are blindfolded, and that troublesome things will make you in trouble, and friends and good friends around you will not understand you. For a time, you don’t know how to solve them. The only way is to wait for opportunities. Explain clearly.

Covered eyes may show an overly hidden routine.

Dreaming of blinding others’ eyes means that he is dishonest when dealing with others, and the reason may still exist between undetected.

Dreaming that your eyes are blindfolded and invisible, indicates that you will be in trouble because of troubles, and the people around you cannot understand you. For a moment, you don’t know how to decide. Only wait for the opportunity to come and make a decision.

Dreaming of blindness in both eyes indicates that the fortunes are not good. Recently, they will become poor, and they should pay more attention to protecting the purse. At present, the attitude of handling things will be biased. The nature of the facts cannot be seen. The decision to regret will be made. There are a lot of psychology.

Dreaming that your eyes can’t open, it indicates that you don’t want to face reality in the near future. Because of the increased pressure of external annoyance, many difficulties can’t be solved by yourself, and there are ideas that you want to escape. On the other hand, it indicates that there will be accidents recently. You need to pay special attention to it, it is a bad omen.

Dreaming of changing eyes, indicating a slight misunderstanding in making friends. Because you can get along with everyone, it will cause resentment and be criticized as excessively slick. But this is obviously a misunderstanding, so don’t mind, try to stay in the same mood to treat people.