The Meaning of Breathe & respiration in Dreams

Dreaming about breathing, usually reflecting physical conditions and living conditions.

I dreamed that I could breathe evenly and comfortably, indicating that you are in good health, in a good situation, in a happy life, without too much trouble, with a calm mind and a happy state of mind.

I dreamed that my breathing was extremely short. It was a nervous expression of nervousness in the near future. If you want to pay attention to your health, you may want to go to the hospital to check your blood pressure. Also remind you to pay attention to adjusting mood, relieve stress, and relax properly.

Dreaming of friends breathing evenly and comfortably, indicating that friends will achieve results and win a good situation.

Dreaming of other people’s shortness of breath and difficulty, suggesting that the dreamer is passionate and helpful, and will win good interpersonal relationships.

I dreamed that I would breathe a scent of Xu Xiang, indicating that I would give good luck, and businessmen would capture new business opportunities and be profitable.