The meaning and symbol of tree stump in dream

The meaning of the stump dream, dreaming about the stump has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming stump to help you organize the following.

I dreamed of the stump, indicating that I planned to travel far away.

Tourists dream of stumps, which means that their journey will be very enjoyable.

I dreamed of stumps, life would encounter obstacles, and could not move forward.

I dreamed of a tree stump, which foreshadows a major setback, and lurks waiting for you to meet you on your way forward. Affected by this, it will be difficult for you to resume the normal life mode.

I dreamed of stumps all over the ground, and a large net symbolizing misfortune was opening to you, making it difficult for you to break free.

I dreamed of digging out the stump, indicating that you would abandon sentimentality and indecision, and try to overcome any difficulties you may encounter in real life, and finally liberate yourself from the poor mire.

I dreamed of long wooden stakes and would get a good reputation.

When Xun dreamed of short stumps, it meant that his reputation was damaged and he might be looked down upon. He should be particularly demanding that he did well and walked properly.

I dreamed of a broken tree stump, which meant great danger and ruined myself. If you plan to do something risky, you must stop anyway.