The meaning and symbol of wreath in dream

Wreaths represent reputation, happiness, and so on. Appearing in a dream usually indicates that you will succeed.

I dreamed of wearing a wreath, which indicates that you will be promoted, or your business will be smooth, and your exam will be successful.

The garland on the dream is brightly colored, indicating that you will achieve some success in your career.

I dreamed of others wearing colorful garlands, indicating that your wealth may come from many aspects, love life is sweet and happy.

I dreamed that someone sent you a wreath to show you a happy marriage, or to show that you have artistic temperament and are good at literature.

I dreamed of giving or wearing garlands to others, which might indicate that you would attend or hold a wedding.

I dreamed of a woman with a garland, indicating that your life is rich and happy.

The young girl dreamed of wearing a wreath on her head, indicating that her husband would be rich in the future.